Lezginka Dance Company of Daghestan

Zulumkhan Khanghereiev, Artistic Director
Available: Friday, February 9, 2018 – Saturday, March 31, 2018

“For me, dance is life. Let your life be like a bright, interesting and unforgettable dance…” – Zulumkhan Khanghereiev, Artistic Director

Lezginka, the Merited State Academy Dance Company of Daghestan, was founded in 1958. For more than 20 years its organizer and leader was People’s Artist of Russia, Tankho Izrailov. This is what Rasul Gamzatov, famous poet, once wrote about the emergence of the Lezginka Ensemble: “With the birth of the Lezginka Ensemble each of us experienced a feeling that comes with the birth of a long-expected child. And a healthy, handsome and talented child it was.”

The Lezginka Company offers an extensive program of fiery, temperamental dances of the numerous peoples inhabiting this Mountain Country. Its entire choreographic and music works convey the might and noble endeavors of the Daghestan people that are treading the highroad of national development in the multinational family of the people of Russia.

Its dances express boundless love for one’s native land, its heroic past and wonderful present, they reflect the power of human love, the people’s heroic struggle for their happiness and pride for their country. The program comprises traditional dances and their modern arrangement. The concert is organized with great artistic taste and offers a broad variety of dances. The stage interpretation of traditional folklore motifs, the artists’ high performing mastery and emotional pitch, along with the novelty of the subjects of the dances, leave an indelible impression.

Each concert is a festival of dance, elegance and beauty. The Lezginka Company with its artistic director and choreographer, Zulumkhan Khanghereiev, People’s Artist and winner of State Prize of the Republic of Daghestan, have created a program that brings forth the people’s culture, traditions and high performing mastership in all their brilliance. The repertoire always involves the careful studying of unique national traditions and folklore.

The Lezginka Dance Company has performed with invariable success in the cities of Russia, in many European and Asian countries. Their upcoming return to the United States will be something special NOT to be missed!

The program is comprised of traditional dances and their modern arrangement. The performances are programmed with great artistic taste and offer a broad variety of dances. The stage interpretation of traditional folklore motives, the artists’ high performing mastery and emotional pitch, along with the novelty of the subjects of the dances, leave an incredible impression.

The dances of the Lezginka Ensemble will introduce audiences to the customs of the Daghestan people, its courage and noble-mindness, proud and unique national character. Each concert program presents a wealth of choreographic compositions with an original national color and taste.

1. “Lezginka” – the company bears the name of this traditional dance of Daghestan, which clearly displays the character of the people.

2. My Hero – A young mountaineer and his girl display their skills in this romantic, competitive dance.

3. Rutulsky Dance – Spring Holiday Dance of the happy young generation in the South of Daghestan, where one scene becomes the next.

4. Antsukh – The traditional dance of the Caucasian horsemen.

5. Nogaiskiy Dance – Nogaiskiy people live on the North of Daghestan. If you translate “Ailanai”, this means “the Dance at Moonlight”. The music of the dance is light and beautiful, as if you are looking at the Moon and Stars.

6. Tenderness – Classical and folk elements combine in this dance symbolizing love.

7. Festival in a Mountain Village – A traditional scene from a Daghestan festival makes a great finale to the first half of the program.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — –

8. Kumikskaya Suite – full of pride warriors, dressed up in a like white mountain coats, return to their loved ones, to their families. The dance ends with a stealing of a bride and a happy wedding.

9. Above the Mountains – this is a tradition dance of the Nogai region.

10. My Mountain Girl – Daghestan is a mountain region. “Moya Gorianka” is a loving name for a young lady chosen by a young man. In this dance, the movements of a young man are sharp and pointy; the movements of a young lady are smooth, soft, but fast. She is not willing to give up to her young man by accepting his superiority.

11. Dance of the Warriors – This dance is a celebration of the pride the people of Daghestan take in their heritage. It is about the fearless warriors and their courage.

12. Fun loving Girls – Summer in the Mountains. Young girls went for water. While having fun, they start imitating games and dances performed by men.

13. Rhythms of a Planet – The rhythms of the drums remind us of good and bad times, the well forgotten times. But, these sounds of this dance re-create the sounds of Daghestan that we should never forget

14. Spring Dance- A traditional girls’ dance of joy and happiness displays the best that the Spring brings out in them

15. My Daghestan – in this Finale, the dancers celebrate the beauty and majesty of their homeland.

*Program is subject to change


“Its dances and music is kin to those of nearby Georgia, but Lezginka makes the fiery Georgian folkways seem cool and contemplative.” – George Jackson, The Washington Post

“…The troupe has a superb discipline of style and technique. This makes possible, and never detracts from a spontaneous, savage vigor that jolts and audience like a thunderbolt. Its dances are fresh, with patterns different from those indigenous to other Russian groups previously seen in America.” – C.J. Luten, The Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“The Lezginka routines are not simply spectacular, they are wild – so consistently wild they sometimes make the Cossacks seem tame.” – Peter Knepp, The Patriot Ledger (Boston)

“The Lezginka opened the new season at Clowes Hall with a dazzling display of traditional folk songs and dances, awesome acrobatics, sumptuous costumes and riveting drum and saber work said to reflect the fiery temperament of the Daghestan people.” – Betsy Light, The Indianapolis Star

“Fire, passion, athletics, energy, elegance, charm, all of the elements that come to mind when one thinks stereotypically of ethnic dance, were present in live abundance last night…The performance showed us people who are warm, courageous, merry, romantic, elegant and graceful.” – Karen Wilson, Chattanooga News

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